Marathon Products

Marathon Products is the New Zealand distributor of goods that serve Marine applications in the South Pacific. We have aligned ourselves with market leaders in each category to bring the "best of class" in solutions for each respective market.


Marathon Products Ltd supply the best boatlifts available. Our products are designed to go the distance, keeping maintenance of both your craft and the boatlift and to a minimum.

Safety, accessibility and simplicity are key features of that instill confidence, keep your investment dry and spend more time on the water doing what you love!

Boatlifts have been part of our lives since 1990. We excel in providing excellent customer service and support to help our clients benefit from the most cost effective solutions for the long run.

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TallyKey Power Pedestals

Marathon is home to TallyKey in the South Pacific. TallyKey is the highest quality power pedestal in the marina and caravan park market. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, TallyKey is renowned for their technological expertise and was first to provide point-of sale solutions in marine and park applications.

While delivery of utilities can be very basic without metering, our projects frequently are engineered to provide user-pays, remote-monitoring and/or remote control.

TallyKey helps their customers solve operational challenges in the most economical way. We strive to provide the best Choices for the Long Run.

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One Blue Planet

We discovered MYCELX when they became the first to develop on-board hydrocarbon filtration systems.  Being keen sailors, we believe there is a real need for us all to protect our marine environment. We are confident that our One Blue Planet product range provides spill prevention and response tools for vocational and recreational operators to make them the most effective in being great stewards of the sea.

MYCELX is a revolutionary technology solving the world’s toughest oil removal problems in the oil and gas industry. Their systems are based upon scientific breakthrough for a completely different approach to permanent oil removal. The MYCELX polymer uses innovative molecular cohesion for removing oil from water - far beyond what conventional systems have ever achieved.

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