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Marathon Products Ltd supply the best quality products together with excellent customer service and support to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions for the long run.

Since 2003, we have aligned ourselves with market leaders who share our philosophy in providing the best products and service to their customers. 

Our interest in the marine industry and marine preservation has led us to develop three product ranges:


Boatlift – Store Dry Stay Fast  

Our LoPro and Hydroport products are designed to keep watercraft Dry and Fast.  These dry storage systems provide safe, reliable solutions that reduce maintenance costs as well as protecting the marine environment.  For more information visit our Boatlift website


TallyKey Power Pedestals

We are the proud distributors of TallyKey pedestals.  We believe these are the highest quality power pedestals available on the market.  Designed and manufactured in Denmark, TallyKey are renowned for their technological expertise, being the first to provide point-of sale solutions in this field.  For more information visit our TallyKey website


One Blue Planet

We discovered MyCelx when they became the first to develop onboard hydrocarbon filtration systems.  Being keen sailors and lovers of the ocean we believe there is a real need for us all to protect our marine environment and we hope that with our One Blue Planet product range we can make these much needed products accessible in Australasia.

MyCelx is a revolutionary oil-free water technology company solving the world’s toughest oil removal problems in the oil and gas industry. Their systems are based upon scientific breakthrough for a completely different approach to permanent oil removal. They have created the patented MyCelx polymer using innovative molecular cohesion for removing oil from water far beyond what conventional systems have ever achieved.

For more information visit our One Blue Planet website


Our vision is to provide products that last the distance and have minimal environmental impact in order to preserve our natural resources for future generations to enjoy. We continue to seek solutions that can make a positive difference.



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